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Painting & Everything In Between

J Ross did not set out to become the leader in assisting local churches with all their maintenance needs, it just happened.  As a Christian owned and operated business it was a mutual connection that continues to expand.  J Ross has completed projects that span from major overhauls and repairs of steeples to painting sanctuary ceilings that no other company could do to painting a single room and everything in between.

We have worked with each entity as needed to make sure that the areas, particularly the sanctuaries, are addressed while limiting or eliminating the time the area is out of service.  We know the sanctuary is very important and the center of worship.

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Some of our Church Projects

Ashely Bible Church
Bethel Lutheran Church
Bethel View Baptist
Bibleway Baptist Church
Bulls Gap Baptist Church
Calvary Church

Christ Fellowship Church
Colonial Heights Baptist Church
Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church
East Side Christian Church
First Baptist Church of Weber City
Glade Springs UMC

Grandview Christian Church
Harvest Church
Hope Church
Indian Springs Baptist Church
Johnson City Alliance Church
Johnson City UMC

Jonesborough Presbyterian Church
Rock Heritage Church
Rogersville Baptist Temple
Trinity Baptist Church
Virginia Ave Baptist Church
Sunrise Baptist Church

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